Friday, October 30, 2015

Your Body is Your Best Weapon Against Disease

The best weapon for beating heart disease, stroke and cancer is in your mirror.  You have the power within you to do what our broken health care system can't.  You can beat disease before it starts or reverse it if it already invaded your body.  Unfortunately, most of us waste this opportunity because we don't understand how to mobilize our defenses.  I stumbled upon it by accident.  In fact, I did most things wrong the first fifty-five years of my life.  And this last year when I wrote my first novel, my long hours of inactivity while typing on my computer accelerated the problem of my health decline.  My blood pressure reached stage II hypertension levels, my LDL cholesterol sky-rocketed and I tipped the scales at 185, a level considered obese for my small frame.  I had three strikes against me.  Everything changed when my cousin, a doctor who is studying why so many of us are getting sick, asked me to participate in a food experiment he put together.  This experiment saved my life.  All I needed to discover is what my body needs in order to fight disease.

Phase II of the experiment is going on right now.  Friends and family are discovering what I learned in Phase I – Your body can win the war against all kinds of diseases if you treat it properly.  The first food experiment started when our ancestors quit hunting and gathering.  It was touted as an advancement when we were told we no longer needed to "waste" our time hunting for food.  We became couch potatoes.  We planted crops that were genetically modified to increase yields.  We added pesticides to keep bugs away.  We stripped away all the good nutrients in our foods.  The experiment failed.  85% of Americans are no longer getting the nutrients they need to fight disease.  Processed foods are killing us silently.  It's time for a new experiment.  Take a look in the mirror.  There's your answer.  All you have to do is say enough is enough.  Put a sign on your refrigerator that says, "Salad is the main dish."  Go back to fruits and veggies.  Give up processed foods for 45 days and decide for yourself if your body is the best weapon against disease.  Have a great day.

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