Saturday, October 10, 2015

Why Unprocessed Foods are My New Best Friends

Last night was my second adventure eating at a restaurant while participating in a six week food experiment.  I studied the online menu in advance with my wife the night before to see if any of my new best friends were on the menu.  There were only two items on the safe list – basil tomato soup and salad.  "Hold the croutons and no dressing, please," I told my waitress.

"Do you want me to hold the almonds, too?" she asked.

"I love almonds," I told her, feeling good I could stay on my food program until the journey ends on October 14.  I'm finding it's almost impossible to eat outside the home when your food choices are limited to unprocessed foods, fruits, veggies and nuts.  For those willing to go the distance, the challenges are worth it, especially if you may have food intolerances.  I was completely ignorant of my own food allergies until I started the experiment. 

There's a reason why unprocessed foods are my new best friends.  When I restrict my diet to these foods and stay away from foods with a label I feel better, I have no inflammation which causes my blood pressure to soar, my good cholesterol increases while bad cholesterol decreases and my body fat decreases without any effort.  Challenge yourself to make unprocessed foods your new best friends and try avoiding processed foods for thirty days.  I have a feeling you will like your new buddies and will want to hang out with them more often.  Have a great day.

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