Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Will you help me with my plan to change the world?

I had one of those George Bailey moments from It's a Wonderful Life a couple of months ago.  The scene I was living inside my head made me feel uncomfortable.  It was the moment I pictured what would happen to my loved ones if I suffered a stroke or heart attack due to my stage II hypertension.  The mental picture grew even darker when I imagined myself confined to a wheelchair or in a coffin prematurely.  Fortunately, an angel showed up with an idea that turned everything around.  I accepted his request to try his food experiment for 45 days.   All I can say is it really is a wonderful life.  My health has been restored and now I'm ready to change the world.  I do believe I can do this with your help.  Here's the plan:
  1. I'm seeking 10 volunteers to help with phase II of the experiment.  The idea is to duplicate what happened to me when I gave up processed foods and anything sold in stores with a label on it.  I experienced rapid weight loss without even trying (26 pounds to date since the end of August) and unbelievable reductions in blood pressure from stage II hypertension to an average of 115/70.  My cholesterol numbers are now in the normal range for the first time ever.
  2. I'm asking anyone who volunteers and experiences success to pay it forward by sharing with friends and family who are at risk due to poor food choices.  By the way, I believe anyone in America or elsewhere who consumes processed foods is making poor food choices.
  3. When enough people become enlightened about how processed foods are killing us, we will become healthy again.  Schools will end their practice of serving foods that make our children gain too much weight or put them at risk for future health problems.  
Three people are signed up to be volunteers for the next phase of the food experiment which begins on Sunday, October 25th.  Will you help me find seven more?  Or maybe you would like to try the experiment?  My only request is that you consult your physician first if you are taking medication.  There is a possibility your needs may change due to sudden weight loss or drops in your blood pressure.  You can email me to sign up for 7 days, 30 days or 45 days.  I would appreciate it if you track your weight and the foods you are eating so I can pass this on to the doctor who initiated this experiment.  I'm willing to be his lab rat any time.  Give it a try.  Your wonderful life is about to begin.  Have a great day.

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