Monday, October 5, 2015

9 Days to Go in the Lab Rat Experiment

The rat lives.  His blood pressure is 108/67 today and his body fat has dropped 16.5 pounds in the last four weeks, an amazing 75% of the total weight reduction of 22 pounds.  The cholesterol updates will be posted after the six week follow-up blood test.  For those new to the experiment, what's happening is I'm participating in a lab experiment especially designed for dummies like me who don't know how to eat properly.  I tossed out all preconceived ideas about nutrition and started from scratch on September 2.  The rules were simple – no processed foods, no animals, no dairy,  and no beer or other alcohol with the exception of up to two glasses of wine per day.  I went all in and checked in with my doctor for a physical near the beginning of the experiment.  The main purpose of the experiment was to see if my blood pressure could be lowered by following a strict food program of nuts, fruits and veggies.  It looks like the rat is going to be around for much longer now that all critical numbers are in the safe zone.

The experiment ends in nine days.  It's not the end.  I call it the beginning of a new life.  Stay tuned for more updates.  By the way, before the test started, this rat had blood pressure readings in the stage II hypertension zone.  Life is good for the rat.  He still doesn't know why all these changes are happening.  All I can say is I think the one who designed the experiment is on to something big.  The rat is grateful.  Have a great day.

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