Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Self Discipline Comes from 100% Commitment

Your decision to go all in is what makes self discipline easy.  I knew when I committed to a life-changing six week experiment that involves radically changing the foods I eat, anything less than a 100% commitment would hurt my chances of a successful outcome.  I sensed I was allergic to something I was eating so I cut almost everything out and went with nuts, fruits and veggies.  As of today, I'm 23 pounds lighter than I was at the end of August and my blood pressure and cholesterol readings are back in the normal range after giving up my favorite foods and learning to eat properly.

One of the tricks I used to help me was a picture I painted inside my head about my favorite foods.  I pretended they were all tainted with some kind of poison ivy.  If you've ever stepped in poison ivy, you know what happens when you barely touch it.  Yep.  You get sick.  You must completely avoid it or end up in trouble.  The bottom line is I don't want to suffer from foods that make me sick.  I believe self discipline is easy when you're all in.  The hard part is when you only commit part of the way.  Your brain teases you with all sorts of temptations.  Why torture yourself?  Decide today you're going to face all your challenges with unstoppable will power.  Have a great day.

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