Monday, October 26, 2015

Have you heard of nutrient density?

I'm a food dummy.  Even though I lost a bunch of weight and I'm healthier than ever, I really don't know why my body responded so well when I entered a food experiment a couple of months ago.  That's when the doctor who sponsored my food experiment suggested I read a couple of books to get smarter about food.  "Eat to Live," by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, helps people like me understand in common sense terms why weight loss doesn't have to be rocket science.  He came up with the nutrition equation which is H = N/C.  H is for health, N is for nutrition and C is for Calories.  When the N on your plate is large enough, meaning you're eating large quantities of highly nutritious foods, you lose weight and optimize your health.  There's no starving or portion control.  The C in the equation does need to be a small c, meaning less carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  For me, the c meant cutting out all processed foods and this helped me immensely.

I believe part of my problem before entering the food experiment is that my nutrition equation was upside down.  I consumed far too many processed foods and refrained from veggies, especially the green ones.  I loaded up on spinach, celery, kale and broccoli in larger quantities and found my appetite decreased during my 45 days living as a lab rat.  It's all about nutrient density.

I really don't need to know why I'm so much healthier today but there are a lot of so-called experts out there who want to challenge me with their theories about how to eat better and I want to prove that what happened to me was no accident.  I'm sharing today's blog with the other lab rats who volunteered to be in phase II of the experiment.  They're eager to improve their health and this story may inspire them to change their food habits.  Have a great day.

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