Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Digging Deeper Into Food Intolerances

At age 55, I feel like I'm late getting on the gluten-free train.  I should have bought a ticket to better health a long time ago but that's what happens when you're a food dummy.  For me, my food preparation has always been confined to the barbecue grill.  Looking back at my old life before signing up for a six week food experiment, I realize how my poor food choices were silently killing me.  Even though I haven't been officially diagnosed with a specific food allergy or intolerance, I now know something was very wrong and I can say without a doubt my high blood pressure and my high cholesterol readings are attributed to something I'm no longer eating.  I know I'm not alone in this; there are probably a few readers out there who can relate to my food journey.

I visited my physician last month and asked for a blood test.  Next month I'm ordering a follow-up blood test to compare the numbers.  My own daily blood pressure readings already confirm something good is happening inside my body.  Meanwhile, I'm reading as much as I can about the subject of food intolerances.  If you are suffering, please stay tuned.  I'm happy to share what I'm learning.  Have a great day.

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