Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Point - Counterpoint

I would like to start today's blog with a big thank you to my friend, Olivier.  He is the real-life person behind the fictional character I created on this blog (see the earlier posts about "Atheist Alex").  I wanted opposing views to be expressed without violating anyone's privacy, however, Olivier has given me permission to use his first name here from now on.  He has also agreed to be a special guest blogger and will be featured here in the near future.  Olivier promised that his wife will also be participating and to expect many questions from her.

This is what this blog is all about, an opportunity for people of all faiths, or no faith to come together and share ideas or questions.  The hard part for me will be to defend my position when my good friend is so well-versed in history, culture and logic.  After all, he was raised in France and has much more experience from the world's view.  If you read my Kindergarten report card, you know that I started out as a "C" student.  Perhaps I am not the best choice to be representing the Christian side of this discussion?  Oh well, I always love a good challenge and I am no stranger to being the underdog.  My hope is that Olivier will discover the driving force that is inside of me.  His backhand is one of the best in all of Ramona and he is a national level ping pong player.  I will be calling on the Heavens to sustain me in the debate ahead.

I do feel a passion burning inside of me to learn more about history.  Our country was founded by a bunch of rebels who pursued freedom.  They were willing to die for it.  What was in their hearts and minds as they wrote the "Declaration of Independence" or the constitution?  What did they believe?  I am learning so much about our history and world history.  While our ancestors fought to protect the rights of individuals, separation of church and state was a foundation that was used to set up our country.  This may work in politics, however, history and religion can never be separated.  So much of who we are today comes from man's desire to search for our beginning and for our purpose.

If my seventh grade teacher is still alive, I want her to know that I am heeding her advice.  Yes, I agree... I think I can do better and I promise to share my faith without holding anything back.  Tune in for the guest post from Olivier.  We were on the same side of the fence when are ancestors fought against the English and we are on the same team as we battle opposing tennis players from "down the hill".  When it comes to God vs. No God, we are far apart.  Olivier, I promise to treat your views with dignity and respect.  This site is not about attacking others, it is about finding answers to profound questions.  You and your wife are special people.  Our country is better because you have chosen to come here, start a couple of businesses, and create jobs.  Regardless of what we believe or don't believe, we can agree that this country we both live in is filled with opportunity.

If you would like to follow this blog, please add your name to the followers.  There are some exciting topics ahead and you will get the opportunity to see them unfold, one day at a time.  It is a preview of the main event, to be published next March...


Olivier said...

Thanks for the nice post. I'm looking forward to many more constructive discussions on the topic, as I too am looking for the truth.

Michael Mulligan said...

Let's search for the truth together and invite others to participate in our discussion. Thank you for bringing your perspective and your questions to this site.

Mike Mulligan