Sunday, June 27, 2010

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson

I was barely five years old when the sci-fi TV series, "Lost in Space", debuted in black and white.  Although Guy Williams (he was the dad) and Jonathon Harris (Dr. Smith), are no longer with us, you can still view them on old episodes that never seem to go out of style.  I can still hear the robot yelling out "Danger, Danger, Will Robinson", as he flails his mechanical arms nervously.

Wouldn't it be so nice to have a robot like this to warn us every time danger is in the air?  Perhaps, this would help to keep us out of trouble?  Imagine, you are on the Internet and something pops up that arouses your curiosity.  Before you blink your eye, Will's robot shows up on your monitor..."Danger, Danger, unsafe material ahead!  Exit now or you will be lost!"

You are on the road with your family.  Suddenly,  the car in front of you cuts you off.  You feel the rage building inside and you are ready to retaliate...the robot pops up on your dash mat repeating his words, "danger, not engage the enemy."

Most of us have a mini-version of the robot inside of us.  Somehow, the enemy has figured out a way to short-circuit this warning device, otherwise known as our conscience, and we have become deaf to it's voice.  "Relax, nobody is looking...just have a little fun" says another voice.  The temptation causes your heart to beat a little faster and you try to de-activate the robot so that you don't have to feel guilty.  Why does the enemy know your greatest weaknesses?

Maybe, He has studied us for so long that He sees patterns in our behavior.  Or, could it be that He uses the rapid-fire approach?...just keep shooting at us until something finally causes us to fall.  The lesson I learned from dealing with the Enemy is that I need to keep the volume turned up on my robot.  The first time I hear "danger, danger", I need to heed the warning and walk away from the temptation.  Beware, the enemy is more clever than ever.  His purpose in life is to destroy your robot and then invade your soul.  He may be lost in space forever, but this does not have to be your fate.

Here is a video clip that was made before Dr. Smith left our world for good.  May his soul rest in peace...

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