Sunday, June 20, 2010

God Multiplies

The math that I learned in school is so different from God's math.  I cringe as I remember struggling with calculus, although I was attracted to algebra because it was all about solving the unknown, like putting a puzzle together.

God's math is not like anything I ever studied.  Like algebra, it is full of does not make sense when you attempt to understand the way He can multiply or perform any other equation.  Imagine what it would have felt like to see a little boy come forward with a few loaves of bread and some fish when Jesus asked the crowd to share their food.  Are you kidding me?  Feed 5,000 men plus their wives and children...with scraps?

God's math includes us in all of His equations.  He does not need us in His arithmetic, yet He desires to share Himself in all of our problems.  That crowd was treated to something out of this world that day they gathered to hear Jesus.  The first followers also got something really special...a first-hand look at how God multiplies.

Math is just one of God's subjects.  He has a huge list of things that He wants to share with our world.  In order to witness all the good that is in store for us, it starts with a math question,   "what do we have to add to God's equation?"  Take a look at what you have to offer and throw it in to the mix...let's see what happens when God multiplies...

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