Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It is easy to be kind to friends.  We seek the company of people who are like us.  The hard part is showing hospitality to people who are different from us.  It is so easy to walk past the man on the side of the road that is holding up a sign asking for food or work.  These outcasts are praying for someone to show them hospitality.

When I go to church, it really feels good to be greeted by a person who has a warm smile.  Some of us have a special ability to do this.  I think of my Uncle Bill, who spent many nights visiting prisoners.  It is the kindness of others that attracts the lost to God's Kingdom.

If hospitality is your gift, try taking it to new levels.  Go outside your comfort zone and use this gift to reach out to the lost and the fallen.  Your gift could change the life of another forever...

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