Monday, June 21, 2010

A Void is Filled

On Friday night, I met with the people who will be running the Treasure Box in Ramona.  The Holy Spirit has been working in the hearts of several people at the same time and now His plans are being revealed for the benefit of our community of 65,000.

I have received emails from my friends at RB Presbyterian Church down the hill offering to assist with any brochures or materials we may need.   I cannot thank these people enough for donating their time so that I could get food for my family at such a great price over these last months.

Someone handed my firefighter buddy, Pat, information about this great program and asked him to "get it done".  He and Martha met with the top leaders of the Treasure Box to get Ramona included in their territory.  Ramona is no longer "out of bounds".

There are a couple of final hurdles that we need to overcome in order to launch.  The first is due diligence regarding insurance.  Our team has suffered some legal trouble due to past mistakes and failures.  There are some other teams out there that resent our shortcomings.  My job will be to reach out and ask these other teams to please forgive us for our sins and join with us to get these treasure boxes delivered to our community.

This program is not a hand out, it is a hand up, an opportunity for people to save money on food.  It is not designed to hurt our local grocery stores.  It is set up to help anyone who wants to be prudent with their money.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving.  Last year, I missed out on the extra special Thanksgiving treasure box because it sells out so quickly.  I have a feeling that this former "out of bounds" community will soon reach 1,000 boxes a month.

The last minute details of checking out insurance requirements and how to handle money appropriately will be worked out so that anyone in my community wanting to order a box will be able to do it online through

In an effort to keep this program from overwhelming the volunteers who staff our church, all Treasure Box inquiries will be handled by Martha Johnston and her secretary, Michelle.  Her phone number is (760)789-4105 and her email is  Once the final approval has been given, the best way to get your treasure box will be to go directly to the website, type in your zip code and place your order.  A new kid's box has just been added and it will be a big hit.  Make sure and look at the variety of boxes before placing your order.

Please pray for Martha's team.  She will need the help of all church groups and community organizations to recruit volunteers and to spread the word about this amazing program.

Okay, time to get to work.  Feel free to email me at if you have questions or if you would like me to speak to your organization regarding the Treasure Box.  The order deadline for the July 31st delivery is Sunday, July 18th.  You will be able to place your order online as soon as the final papers are signed or you can place a cash order directly with Martha.

Come back soon for updates and thanks for spreading the word.

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