Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Sidelines

It may seem like a paradox to go out into stormy waters in order to gain peace and serenity.  Yesterday, I mentioned that those who want to stay in calm waters are sissies.  There is a difference between leaving your boat docked in what appears to be a safe harbor vs. sailing into rough seas.  The one who faces the storms finds tranquility while the one who remains on the sidelines becomes restless.

All over the country, students are graduating from grade school, high school and college.  It is time for them to depart and begin a new adventure, a new chapter in their lives.  The unknown is perhaps a little scary.  Pirates are lurking, waiting for their prey.  Hurricanes are on the horizon.  Why not just avoid the inevitable storms?

Deep inside you, you already know the were created to sail.  One day, you will find calm waters with sandy beaches.  You will marvel at the corral.  Like you, this corral found it's magnificence in the thrashing waters that broke it repeatedly.  Without an antagonist, this corral would not be so colorful or shapely.  It found it's purpose in the treacherous conditions far from those who stayed on the sidelines...

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