Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Lighthouse

I would like to welcome all of my tennis buddies to this site.  Over the weekend, at the house warming party, I shared with you for the first time that I am a writer and blogger.  I know, it is shocking to learn just how little we know about each other even though we have been on the tennis courts for so many years.  So, Lynn, Tim, Larry, Katie, Chris, Stacey, Tori, Jim, Olivier, Sybil, and Corri (and all my other team-mates who missed the party), I welcome you to my blog and I look forward to autographing copies of the book next March for you.  It was a real treat to get to know all of you on a deep level and I look forward to spending more time with you in the future.

The funny thing about lighthouses is that they don't have complicated brains.  The owner of the lighthouse flips the switch, and whoa, instant light.  Ships are safe and nobody is lost.  We have that same switch in our heads, however, all that circuitry in there gets tangled up and confused, making the choice to become like a lighthouse difficult.

Since my cave exit, I have been selective about the times when my lighthouse switch is on and off.  It has been easy to share my faith with people on my team on Sunday.  Slowly, in my life, I have been turning on this invisible switch more and more.  The house warming party was another example.  It was the coming together of people from my church team and my tennis team.  I think my tennis buddies were shocked at what they heard about this book thing.  They laughed when they asked for the blog address and I spit out this very long name.  Hard to remember, isn't it?  Yes, that was my original plan, turn on the light house switch, but use low wattage so this little light house could be safe from criticism or embarrassment (the only thing perhaps more embarrassing might have been filming the naked cave man video while covered with welts from Larry's forehand strikes).

The only problem with this low-wattage thinking is that the Holy Spirit has different plans.  There are dangerous waters out in the world and God wants a lighthouse that is always on, shining at full capacity. There is much writing to do in these next six months.  I wanted to take the time today to say thank you to those of you that follow this blog and welcome my friends.  The world needs more lighthouses, are you willing to become one?  All it takes is one flip of the switch, go ahead, become a follower of this blog and encourage others to flip their switches...

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