Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trinity Times

Buried treasures were discovered by my mother as she was sorting through boxes of stuff that dated back to the early sixties.  Only a mother would keep a kindergarten report card from Miss Gabusi that gave her first born son a "C" average or a progress report from the seventh grade that noted "I think he could do better".  The real gem was the Trinity Times that sold for 5 cents a copy... with my first published article on the back page of the yellowed paper.

This student newspaper was typed on a typewriter, a device that can now be found only in museums.  The editor went from classroom to classroom to find students willing to contribute.  She was hissed at by other students, yet bravely ventured out to find willing writers.  In honor of this courageous student editor, Terry Walker, I am reprinting my article that my mother saved for so many decades, and I thank her for giving this "C" student from kindergarten an opportunity to begin working on a talent that could benefit others...

     Hello, I'm the red bike that lives down the street a few blocks away.  I live at the green house
     with my twin brother, the motorcycle.  My father, the airplane, is in Yuma for the summer, and
     my mother, the train, is the reason I'm here.  Without her, I'd be a rusty car wheel.  My older
     brother, the spaceship, went to Mars to be repainted.  I'm lucky my uncle is an ambulance.
     One day, my owner rammed me into a gate.  My uncle fixed my spokes and gave me new
     handlebars.  One day, my sister the tricycle, and I had a race.  My chain fell off and I died.
     I don't care because I was rebuilt.  Now, I'm a shiny police car that lives at 24th St. and Van Buren.

The lesson I learned from my grade school days is that I can do better, as long as I am developing the gifts that God has given me.  Search for that gift that is buried inside of you.  Once you discover it, develop it and share it with the world.  There will always be people in the world that will hiss at you, ignore them, and share your gift anyways.

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