Friday, June 25, 2010

Bailing Water

When the passengers set sail for a three hour cruise on the S.S. Minnow, they got much more than they bargained for.  A storm appeared out of nowhere and swept them far away from their old lives.  I couldn't resist offering this video for those of you who spent countless hours watching "Gilligan's Island".

Did you notice the sign that the skipper used to attract passengers?... the one displaying "free lunches"?  Funny, I have probably seen every episode and never once noticed that free lunch offer until today ( stuff usually has some kind of hidden price tag).  One more tidbit, it's a trivia question...who was Gilligan's best friend?  If you said skinny Mulligan, you are definitely a fan.

When that little boat got caught in the storm, life changed for everyone.  Real life is the same way.  We are forced to bail water in order to keep our boat from sinking.  I am convinced that some of these storms come from the Evil One.  He just cannot stand to see people connecting with our Creator and with each other.

Dawn Wells, the actress who played Mary Ann, is a real-life example of how evil attacks when you are trying to use your gifts to help others.  I got an opportunity to meet her and the professor when they were in San Diego to sign autographs.  I told her about my special friend, James, who called me Gilligan and repeatedly asked me where the skipper was.  Wish you could have seen the look on his face when I gave him autographed pictures from the professor and Mary Ann.  Mary Ann wrote, "James, Gilligan found me and the professor, where is the skipper?"...I bet James still has those autographed pictures on his wall.

How did the forces of evil try to destroy Mary Ann's  "girl next-door" image?  Watch her video below.  Dawn had to bail a lot of water to get back on track.   The lesson I learned from her is that it is better to keep bailing water than to give up.

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