Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dangerous Prayer

God is looking for people to use, and if you can get usable, he will wear you out. The most dangerous prayer you can pray is this: 'Use me.' - Rick Warren

Are you experiencing some stormy weather?  Most people would prefer for the dark clouds to pass and for everything to just calm down.  Want to try something bold?  How about the dangerous prayer Rick Warren is referring to in the quote above?

Rick knows from experience just how daring it is to ask God to use you.  In order to help you decide if you would like to ask God to use you, why not click this link and read the first seven chapters of his book, "the Purpose Driven Life", for free?  Warning!  Clicking is dangerous...This link may lead to dangerous prayer-click here if you feel brave.

Did you skip over the link (just click on that red text)?  Well, you may end up thinking about it all day.  Don't fret, those free chapters will still be here tomorrow.  A lesson that I have learned is that most free things have a price.  Sometimes, passing on stuff offered gratis also has a price.  My recommendation is that you go back and click that link you avoided.  Be bold.  Besides, calm waters are for sissies... only God knows where the calm waters are... how do you get there?...that's right.  You have to leave the dock and go where the not-so-faint-hearted go, an adventure that will last a life-time.  Ready to sail?

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