Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Body of Christ

Imagine what would happen if just one part on your car failed.  Even the smallest hidden component could cause your automobile to break down.  This is how the body of Christ works.  Each of us is connected for the good of all.  There is no one part that is better than the rest.  If the fluids are right, there is gas in the tank and all the parts are doing their job, we have all we need to get to our destination.

One of my customers owns a salvage yard.  People are coming in every day looking for that special part that needs to be replaced.  Sometimes, they ask for odd parts that I have never even heard of.  Without this strange-looking part, these customers are stranded.

The worst thing we can do in this world is wish that we were something else.  God knew what He was doing when He designed you.  He knows how important you are to all the other parts.  Like a car part, you may only be needed at specific times, like supplying the heat in winter or the ice-cold A/C in summer.  Maybe you are like the airbag that is only used once, however, without you, a precious life is lost.

Do not judge your worth on how often you are called to work in the Kingdom of God or how visible you are.  Instead, make sure that you are ready to function at the peak of your ability when you are called upon.  We will never reach our final destination without all of us doing our part.  Let's work together to stay on the road...

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