Friday, June 11, 2010

Far Away Connections

Jars of Clay,  a Christian band, has been working on a project to bring 1,000 wells to Africa.  It has been five years since they started working on this and they have less than fifty wells to go to reach their target.  I heard them on K-Love radio talking about visiting these far away communities.

It struck me right in the heart when this group shared about their visit with our African brothers and sisters.  First, it was the joy.  These people were singing and dancing non-stop.  There was so much hope that a well would transform their village.  Children would no longer need to spend hours traveling miles and miles just to fill their water jugs, they would be able to go to school.  Families would be able to drink water free from deadly parasites.  Disease related to lack of water could soon be eliminated.  Yes, there was reason to sing and dance.

The best part of this story comes from the prayers of these far away people.  They are praying for us, for our lives to be abundantly Blessed.  These are prayers of thanks for reaching out to strangers and extending a helping hand.  A caller phoned in while the band members were on the air and said he had just bought a bottle of water for a dollar at the store.  That same dollar can buy water for one person in Africa for an entire year!

When much is given, much is expected.  We are the country that has been Blessed with so many resources.  Jesus does not just ask us to help those far away without safe drinking water, He COMMANDS it.

Consider making a donation (click here) to this worthy cause started by some people who sing about God for a living.  Listen to one of their songs below.  Many of the artists that I have featured in past videos have joined with Jars of Clay to help those far off.  Let's help them make a difference...

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