Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why Passion Trumps Intelligence

The smartest person in the room isn't necessarily the one who will change the world.  The one to watch is that individual who oozes passion from the depths of his or her own soul.  This is the one who will move mountains.  Why?  Because this person always finds a way to get things done in spite of any shortcomings he or she may have. 

I believe the greatest asset an individual can possess is love.  Love inspires passion.  When you are so deeply in love that you will let go of everything else in the world in order for love to blossom, then you know what I'm referring to.  You know where passion comes from.  You can feel it inside you.  Your passion will lead you to places and people you never would have dreamed to be possible if you only paid attention to the intelligent ones who measure risk and probabilities of success.  The smart ones advise you not to follow your heart because you will surely fall and you may get hurt.  But the passionate ones know love heals all wounds.  They know you can't put a price tag on chasing dreams even if your net may appear empty to the outside world.  Follow your passion.  Live the dream.  Have a great day.

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