Monday, February 8, 2016

Why I gave my belly a timeout for 45 days

I called timeout on my belly at the end of my summer vacation last year and the timeout is still not over.  It was supposed to be a 45 day cessation of regular eating.  I use the term "regular" meaning "the average American diet."  This is the diet that's slowly killing us.  The only way I was going to win the war with my belly fat was to cut the main supply line and smuggle in some fruits and veggies.  It turns out I was suffering from something food related that caused my insides to inflame and my blood pressure to spike out of control.  The excess belly fat my body was storing was a symptom something was very wrong.  I thought my belly fat was part of the normal aging process but I was incorrect.  That's why I extended the 45 day timeout period.  Something really special happens when the inner caverns of the large and small intestines are flooded with foods rich in nutrients that haven't been processed to the point where the body no longer recognizes it as food.  That's the moment when the conflict ends.  The brain and the belly form a truce.

My hope is that American belly wars will come to a conclusion.  Can it be as simple as declaring a 45 day timeout on your belly?  If you're willing to give up processed foods for 45 days and eat mostly fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and seeds, I believe you have a chance to find new life.  Some of my friends and family members are in the final week of their 45 day experiment and the results are astounding.  Click here to check in on the group.  Please share this story with anyone you know who is searching for a way to deal with their belly.  I'll be happy to share my story with them.  Have a great day.

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