Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Why Living on the Same Page in Your Relationship Matters

It's not about 100% agreement.  It's not about hiding your feelings.  It's about being present in the moment.  Relationships won't survive if one individual in stuck in a previous chapter or another is so concerned about the future that they start skipping over things that matter today.  Living in the moment together requires commitment.  When it's done right, it's like watching a pair of ice dancers skating in harmony.  And when the rhythm isn't there, everyone cringes. It's painful to watch. 

Are you afraid your storybook may not have a happy ending because you and your lover are out of sync?  Take a moment today to share why you're not on the same page and work it out.  Listen to your partner.  Let the words soak in.  And don't be afraid to adjust your timing so the two of you can live on the same page.  Turn the pages together and enjoy the journey.  Have a great day.

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