Monday, February 15, 2016

2 Winners Split Caveman Biggest Loser Prize

Congratulations to two players who split the $100 cash prize in the caveman biggest loser contest which ended on Valentine's Day.  The 45 day social media game ended in a tie when players reported their final weight loss numbers and Yvonne D. and Christine P. both revealed they each lost 17 pounds.  Players were encouraged to give up processed foods and eat mainly fruits, veggies and nuts.

The game was inspired by Dr. John Mulligan, a cousin of the caveman who was testing the idea that giving up certain foods which cause inflammation can reduce blood pressure readings outside the ideal zone.  When the caveman lost 35 pounds during Phase I of the experiment, friends and family members wanted to join and Rock, Paper, Caveman was started on January 1.  Every player in the game reported weight losses and reduced waistlines.  Christine P. reported she will use her prize money to buy new capris since the weather is heating up in her home state and her old clothes no longer fit.

The caveman who volunteered to be the lab rat in the experiment plans to expand the social media game once additional sponsors are added to the mix. 

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