Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Healthy Life Ahead

You have two choices on your road to a healthy life – Excuses or action.  If you're reading this, you must be looking at the action option.  Excuses are so much easier.  Everyone I know has their favorite.  They blame their genes or their upbringing.  They blame the economy.  Action people look in the mirror and say, "let's get moving."  Sooner or later, obstacles will appear.  Expect them.  Treat them as hurdles to jump over so your muscle strength improves.  Or walls to climb over to build upper body strength.  And when you find yourself underwater, there's your opportunity to learn better breathing techniques.  The key is action.  Keep moving.

Beware of the excuse makers.  They congregate around the water cooler selling their excuses to anyone who will listen.  Whatever you do, don't buy them.  Run away from them.  They are cheering for you to fall and they secretly hope you won't get back up because if you do, their excuse becomes invalid.  Avoid debating them.  You can't win a war of words.  Action is your best weapon.  Show others the road to a healthy life ahead by your own example.  Your picture of good health is worth a thousand words, especially around the water cooler.  Have a great day.

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