Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sharing the Road on My Food Journey

There is one aspect of my food journey that really gets my blood pumping and that's sharing the road with friends and family.  My mother was shocked when she picked me up at the airport last month.  She knew about my food experiment and why I gave up so many of my favorite foods but she said the photos I sent her didn't reveal the whole picture of my good health. 

I  knew something special was happening when my mother recounted her memories of grandma's homemade tortillas to my cousin John, the doctor who initiated the food experiment that saved my life.  Mom told me she is willing to give up tortillas and revamp her food menu in order to kick Type II Diabetes in the butt.  She is already down seven pounds in two-and-a-half weeks.  Others in my test group are reporting astounding results.  It turns out eating the way our ancestors ate is good for your health.  I gave up processed foods and eat mostly fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and seeds.  Next month I will be visiting my physician for a six month follow-up since I last had my lipid panels checked.  The results aren't really for my benefit because I know how I feel on the inside.  The results are for others who may want to share the food journey with me on the road to optimum health.  My hope is that my story will inspire others to make changes to their food program.  I hope my grandma will forgive me for giving up her tortillas and for convincing my mom to do the same but I think she's smiling from above as she watches us learn how to improve our health.  Have a great day.

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