Friday, February 5, 2016

What Your Walking Billboard Tells Others About Your Health

Like it or not, you are a walking billboard and your sign reveals much about your health.  You may feel you're safe because your message blends perfectly with millions who live in America.  Not so fast.  Ask yourself, is it possible my walking billboard is not a reflection of what God had in mind when he created me?  Did I somehow change the message by mistreating my body?  I was guilty of this.  That's when I decided it was time to downsize my over-sized belly.

The truth is you are what you eat.  Eat healthy and you look healthy.  Make poor eating decisions and your walking billboard is visible for all the world to see.  Unfortunately, if you fail to make changes, your sign is taken down early and your message is removed prematurely because of a heart attack, stroke or other food related disease.

My hope for you today is that you will choose to separate yourself from a sea of sick billboards dotting our country and become a walking billboard of good health that inspires the next generation of people who will inherit this planet.  What message will you choose to display for others?  You don't have to answer.  Your billboard speaks for itself.  Have a great day.

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