Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Best Time to Beat Cancer and Other Diseases

Phase I of the Caveman Food Experiment changed my life.  Phase II changed the lives of my loved ones.  Phase III may change the world.  I'm referring to cancer and other diseases that are killing us at an alarming rate because we are eating the wrong foods.  Imagine a world where all these diseases are beaten BEFORE they attack.  Heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes – gone.  Can this be as simple as giving up unhealthy food and eating healthy food?  I believe the answer is yes and I need 100 volunteers to give up processed foods for 21 days, commit to a diet of fruits, veggies and nuts,  and prove that the American diet is responsible for our poor health.  The best time to beat cancer and other diseases is today but I'm going to wait until the Holidays are over and all the excuses for trying the Caveman Food Experiment are gone.  Will you help me?

The experiment is simple.  You can eat as many fruits and veggies as you want for 21 days.  Don't buy any food with a label on the package.  Nuts are okay.  Wine is fine as long as consumption is limited to one glass per day for ladies and two for men.  Measure your weight once a day and record it.  Have your blood pressure checked before starting and consult your physician if you're taking medication.  Measure your blood pressure at the end of 21 days and send me your results.  Note any other changes you observe during the experiment.  I will publish the results here on this blog.  Please share this story with anyone you know who may be interested in participating.  Thanks for your help.  Have a great day.

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