Saturday, November 14, 2015

Phase III Caveman Food Experiment Preview

Phase I changed my life forever.  I had three strikes against me and all of them were self-inflicted because I was eating American style.  Now I'm eating like our caveman ancestors.  Ten of my friends and family members are part of Phase II and nearly all of them are reporting lost inches and lost pounds.  Phase  III expands to 100 participants and begins on 1/1/16.  The 21-day condensed version of the first two phases is customized for the regular person who has trouble with New Year's Resolutions.  In fact, it's so fast and furious it will all be over before the calendar flips into a new month.  I'm looking for 100 people who desire to lose twenty pounds each for a combined weight loss of 2,000 pounds.  Here's the slogan:  Drop a ton and we're done.  Here are the guidelines:
  1. Don't eat any foods with a label for 21 days beginning on 1/1/16.
  2. Eat as many veggies as you want – no limits.  The greener the better.
  3. Eat as many fruits as you want – no limits.
  4. Eat nuts.  Walnuts are my favorites.  I never ate them until I entered the experiment.
  5. No dairy for 21 days.
  6. No animal products for 21 days.
  7. See your doctor if you're on medicine and have him monitor you during the experiment.  It's possible your need for medicine may change.
  8. Keep track of your weight loss daily and post it on the group website or email me if you wish to remain anonymous.
  9. Encourage a friend to participate with you.  It's easier to survive the 21-day challenge if you have a team-mate.
  10. Don't cheat.  Do this for 21 days.  The group has no chance of dropping a ton if a few people lose their will power.
Bookmark this site and come back before the experiment begins if you would like to join the fun.  Let's drop a ton and be done.  Share this story if you know someone at risk for diabetes, heart attack or stroke.  Have a great day.

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