Friday, November 27, 2015

Got Spirit?

For some, Black Friday started yesterday on Thanksgiving as soon as they loaded the dishes in the sink and rushed to the shopping malls.  While I slept quietly in my bed this morning, shoppers battled one another for something bigger and better to replace last year's relics they acquired at the crack of dawn same time last year.  Maybe the quote above was written specifically for those of us who could use more self discipline with our spending during the Holidays, more love for the unfortunate, more power to stand up for what really matters in society, and a lot less time shopping for useless stuff we really don't need.

Spend some time today listening to Christmas songs on the radio.  Allow the words to soak into your soul.  The child inside you wants to come out and play.  Today is a good day to experience the Holiday season and the true meaning of Christmas.  Let your spirit soar on wings like eagles.  Show the world you've got a spirit of power, of love, and of self discipline.  Have a great day.

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