Friday, November 20, 2015

Don't Let Mother Nature Ice Your Attitude in Winter

It's coming today – about six to nine inches of snow in our first major storm of the Holiday season.  Mother Nature may be chilling the air in the Midwest but she won't be able to ice my attitude.  I have an action plan to keep me focused on my fitness goals for the remainder of the year which include a half-hour indoor pool session once a week and two days per week of indoor tennis.  The biggest challenge is navigating the roads during snow storms.  I chose a health club located along I-80 so I could maintain my workouts even in the worst weather.

Don't let Mother Nature get you down.  Stay busy.  Your attitude during the cold weather months will be the difference.  Fitness is a personal choice.  It requires hard work, especially when you have to dig yourself out of the driveway after a big snow storm.  Have a great day. 

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