Thursday, November 12, 2015

I'm Having My First Colonoscopy in 24 hours

My wife cracked me up with a joke about an 80-year-old who was about to have his first ever colonoscopy.  He told the doctor, "Please go easy on me, this is my first time." 

"Take your pants off," the doctor ordered.  The old man complied.  "Where should I put my pants?"  He asked.

"You can put them over there next to mine," the doctor responded.

The truth is colonoscopies are no laughing matter.  Two things can happen – either the doctor will find something or he won't.  If he doesn't find anything, your next visit won't happen for ten more years.  If he does find something, it's either cancer or it isn't.  If it isn't cancer, your next visit will be in three years.  If it is cancer, the good news is you can get treatment sooner rather than later because you made the appointment.  If you're over 50, it's time to make the call and take your pants off.  Have a great day.

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