Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Are You Afraid Of?

The first time I took a flight with my wife, she held on to my hand and squeezed so tight I lost circulation during take-off.  Over the years, her fear of flying subsided.  My greatest fear used to be needles.  My work buddies cajoled me into volunteering for a blood bank and I finally caved in, only to be rejected because the blood mobile staff thought it wouldn't be worth their time to draw out my blood.  I asked for a note to share with my team-mates so the ridicule would finally end.  The note only added to the torture.

It took many years for me to overcome my fear.  Fear has an inverse relationship to trust.  The best way to eliminate your fears is to trust Jesus.  Before forming my relationship with Him, I felt like I was racing through life just so I could produce a list of accomplishments before my death.  Now, I see my life here on earth as nothing more than a couple of blinks of an eye.  Compared to eternal life, these years are only a beginning of something that is to come.  It makes fear seem like a waste of time.

Are you serious about facing fear?  Ask Jesus to be with you as you confront your worst fears.  Take baby steps.  You deserve a life without fear.

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