Thursday, July 19, 2012

Celebrate Your Wins

I don't know too many people who have struck out as many times I have.  There is a relationship between strikeouts and plate appearances.  The challenge is to keep swinging no matter how few hits you get.  It helps to find a hitting coach to help you improve your track record.  When I do hit the occasional home run, I make a big deal out of it.  Here's why I think celebrating your wins is a big deal:

  1. Failure to celebrate your victories leads to early retirement from the game of life.
  2. Savoring a win provides motivation to keep trying in the face of adversity.
  3. The easiest way to get the public to forget your failures is to have a victory party when you celebrate a big win.
  4. There are people around you on the brink of giving up.  They need to see someone celebrating a success, especially in these tough economic times.  Show others that success is attainable.
  5. People need hope.  They need coaches who are willing to share how they overcame adversity.  They can't learn from you if they aren't aware of your victories.  Use your celebrations to show others that home runs are possible.
My manager is hosting a celebration party on Sunday, July 29 for my membership team.  We broke all the records for new store openings.  This celebration comes after a long series of strike-outs before moving out of California.  There were people in my life who thought my best days were behind me.  Maybe that's what happens when years pass before you hit a grand slam.  I believe my best days are ahead of me.  Yes, I will be celebrating at our team party.  It feels so good to hit a home run.  Now my focus is teaching other players how to hit it out of the park.

Please add your comments below about how you celebrate your wins.


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