Thursday, July 26, 2012

Checking In On The Penguins

Yesterday at work my boss told me the home office is sending us some kind of award we will hang up on our wall.  We broke the world record for reaching 10,000 new members faster than any other store in the company.  We reached this milestone on the eleventh day following our grand opening.

I believe the number one reason we accomplished this amazing feat is because of our team.  This is the story I shared during one of our first days signing up new members at their workplace:

"There was a group of penguins that were transported to a new zoo.  When they arrived, they immediately dove into the pool and started swimming.  The other penguins at the zoo stood around and watched as the newcomers swam non-stop.  One by one, they were joined by the other penguins.  Pretty soon, the whole group was swimming.  Visitors to the zoo watched in amazement as these energetic penguins swam lap after lap tirelessly.

We are the new penguins.  Our job is to swim at our brand new zoo.  When our members see us swimming, they will want to jump in and join us.  Let's go swimming!"

We promised our bosses we would have 4,000 new penguins by the time we had our grand opening on June 27.  Thirteen minutes before the doors opened, we signed up our 4,000th new member.  On July 8, 10,000 members were enjoying the new zoo in Coralville.  Four days later, another 1,000 penguins joined the party. And five days later another 1,000 penguins were in the new exhibit.  The lead penguin was impressed with the new record and told us if we could get to 13,000 members by close of business on Sunday night, July 22, he would color his hair any color we chose.

If you happen to be visiting our new zoo in Coralville next weekend, please check in on the penguins.  Make sure to tell the lead penguin you like his new hair color.  In conclusion, I would like to offer one final word of advice to anyone who finds himself or herself in a new zoo.  Jump in and keep swimming.  Don't stop swimming until everyone else joins you in the water.

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