Saturday, July 7, 2012

Going for the Gold

I feel like I'm going for the Gold Medal at the Olympic Games.  My "sport" is serving members and employees at a job I've held for a mere 40 days.  My promotion to membership supervisor two days before our warehouse grand opening was a little scary at first, especially when I saw a never-ending line of new members waiting to sign up the first day we opened. 

We are planning on reaching our target of 10,000 new members by tomorrow evening.  These record-breaking numbers are just the beginning of my life at a company driven to be the best in everything they do.  What a joy it is to be around so many passionate employees.  Yes, I do believe I found my Heaven on earth.  Make sure you come visit me when you are in the area.


JP said...

Hooray! I know that there are not many comments being left but I know how hard it is to start anew. You are leading a wonderful group of people who seem to be as passionate as you are about serving and not being served.
May God be with all of you as you face the heat and the lines.

Michael Mulligan said...

Thank you, JP. Yes, God is with us.