Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Thunderstorm of Blessings

There is a new storm in my life.  This storm is different from anything I've ever observed.  It pours out rain drops of blessings-- the sky is filled with spectacular rainbows.  It's like finding an oasis after living in the desert for many years.  I feel invigorated.  I feel connected to Heaven.

If you find yourself in a difficult circumstance, please do not lose hope.  Your prayers will be answered.  I say this because I'm a witness to God's power in my life.  I'm the caterpillar who transformed into a butterfly.  It has nothing to do with what I do.  I simply exist.  My life source is within me.  Jesus is guiding me through His Holy Spirit.  This gift is for all who believe.

Are you ready to come out of the desert?  Pray for a thunderstorm of blessings to pour out into your life.  Be patient.  The storm will come.

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