Friday, July 16, 2010

The Witnesses

Every wonder why there are so many different versions of an accident?  The witnesses were all there at the same time...they saw the same event, yet they all saw something that others did not see.  If the accident is serious, investigators get involved to determine what actually happened.  Attorneys are called in to represent the various parties or to convince others to change their stories.  Some would prefer not to give their names as witnesses because the process is tedious and time consuming.

Two thousand years after Jesus died on the Cross for our sins, people are still talking and writing about the event.  The people who were there at the scene all have different points of view.  The Roman soldier who lost his ear in the first confrontation with Jesus, only to have it fully restored, is an important witness.  The people who heard Jesus say, "Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing", they are also a big part of the story.  When someone is on his deathbed, anything he says is worth listening to.

Those two criminals hanging on crosses next to Jesus were part of the scene.  When the one admitted his errors and asked to be remembered, he gave hope to the rest of us that there is salvation for those who repent, no matter how far we have drifted.

Many people have stepped up over these last twenty centuries to be witnesses for Jesus.  They spend their lives sharing their personal testimonies.  The Evil One always shows up to confuse the witnesses or to attempt to get them to change their stories.  Never in our history has the Evil One been more powerful than He is now.

Lately, I have been hearing from many of these "witnesses" that they are under some sort of spiritual attack.  I can relate to what these followers of Jesus are seeing in their lives and I pray that they do not back away from their destiny, to bring others to Jesus.  Listen to what these witnesses are saying about Jesus.  They are on this planet for you.  What happened 2,000 years ago was no was the greatest event in human history and now you are part of that story.  Will you also become a witness?

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