Sunday, July 11, 2010

Becoming Qualified

I sometimes wonder how Mary felt when the angel asked her to become the mother of God.  She was but a teenager.  There was no electricity, Facebook, or cell phones.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, an angel appears and asks her a life-changing question.  She surely felt unqualified and her future husband must have had many questions on his mind about his fiancee.

I share Mary's feelings about being qualified, I am writing a book yet I am unqualified.   In just ten months, I have been able to learn how to use some of  the incredible tools that are available to anyone who wishes to share his or her stories with the world.  I did not know at the time I started this blog that this would lead to self-publishing a book, yet it is becoming more of a reality as each day passes.

My friend, Pete, has invited me to become a part of the San Diego Christian Writer's Guild and meet with his group of writers twice a month.  These are the people that will help me with my writing and I will share all I have learned with them.  It is such an exciting time in my life and I can't wait to meet others who share my passion for writing.

In just eight short months, you will be able to come back here and get a copy of my first book.  Many chapters still need to be written, edited, and re-written.  This time in my life is just like preparing for a new baby to be born.  I guess you could say that this writer is one month into his first trimester.  There will be labor pains ahead.  I will need to learn how to breathe properly and will rely on the coaches who have "been there done that" for a successful delivery.

Your feedback is always appreciated and God's Black Sheep Squadron is being written for you.  Your Creator has called me to share all the good that He has done and is doing in my life so that you can see what can happen when you say yes.  There is much good ahead for you, too.  When you answer the call, do not worry if you do not feel qualified...He will send the right people to help you become qualified, just as He helped a pregnant teenager give birth to the One who would make all things new.  It all starts by saying yes.  Are you ready for a new baby in your life?

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