Sunday, July 25, 2010

Completing the Puzzle

For me, writing a book is like putting a puzzle together.  All of the pieces are there, I am just not sure how they fit together.  There is a co-author on the other side of the country who is helping me with this process.  She is also uncertain how each chapter fits together.  The story is already written in our hearts and minds, but much of it still needs to make it to the manuscript.

Strange, how I don't feel any tension.  I have never attempted anything so large or time consuming in my life.  I tried to make this blog hard to find, however, you keep coming back and the counter keeps spinning.  The Evil One tried to convince me this book thing was a waste of time.  I know better.  God wouldn't keep sending me rain drops from Heaven, unless He wanted me to stay on this every day, I work on this puzzle, refreshed by the cool water that flows from the Holy Spirit and into my very soul.

I appreciate you joining me every morning at 8:08 AM and thank you for giving me the feedback I need to improve my writing so that it will give meaning to others.  I have shared the outline of the book with my new Christian writer friends and they believe the story is worth sharing.  The Evil One believes it too, that is the reason He is attempting to be that pesky mosquito that won't go away.  In fact, His presence confirms that the path I am on is the right one.   I see this great community rising up to join the fight and overcome the havoc He wreaks on my town.

Every day, while I am driving to work, I am reminded about the damage He has done...the crosses line the roads of young people that made poor choices.  On August 20th, my friend, Pete will be putting on a concert for anyone in the community that wants to come together to pray for our youth.  We will join hands and ask God to intervene.  Stay the details of this special evening unfold, I will post them here so that we can share an evening together.  Evil cannot be destroyed, but it can be pushed back when we come together in prayer.  Let's hold hands, each of us from our own individual denominations, and join to ask our Creator to Bless our youth and inspire them to become the fine young men and women that they were created to be.  Mark your calendars and come out to show your support for the next generation that will lead our country when we are gone.  It is all part of God's puzzle and we cannot afford to lose any more pieces...

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