Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Community that Cares

It is in tough times that you get the opportunity to see the best in others.  One such anonymous person in my community did this after reading the article about the Treasure Box coming to our community.  She went online, placed a food order with her credit card and asked that the box be donated to a needy family in our community.  A family that this generous woman does not even know will be celebrating Christmas in July.

This is what makes our country strong, every one of us pitching in for the good of our communities.  This is how we are going to get through these difficult economic times.  I am also thankful that my local paper, The Ramona Sentinel, publishes positive stories about people helping people.

It is important that we show gratitude when a neighbor steps out of his or her comfort zone to help others.  Remember the Bible story about the ten lepers who Jesus healed.  A foreign visitor to our church gave a talk about this using broken English.  He said, "when Jesus healed them, all of them came back except nine of them to show gratitude."

One small act of kindness can go a long way to brighten the lives of others.  I am deeply inspired by this anonymous lady who donated food to someone she does not even know and I hope that her gesture touches your heart today.  Imagine what our world would look like if every one of us did something like this...

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