Sunday, July 4, 2010

Born on the 4th of July

Holiday birthdays are unusually common in my family.  It started with my father; he and his twin brother were a Christmas present for their parents.  My wife came into the world on Memorial Day and I was born on the 4th of July, fifty years ago (the AARP application arrived just in time to remind me just how old fifty really is).  Two sisters were born on the first day of Spring but in different years.  My daughter was born on St. Patrick's Day...she also shares a birthday with another cousin.

Many may say these birthdays are an amazing coincidence, however, I know better.  You see, when my wife was pregnant with our second child, I started praying for her to be born on St. Patrick's Day.  As the big day approached, the doctor said, "no way, tell your husband nothing is happening...expect the baby near the end of March (oh no, the only holiday left was...April Fool's Day)."  Around 8:08 pm on March 16th, my wife announced that she was in labor.  "Slow down", I shouted, "it's not time yet, we have four hours to go!"  Even the doctor was surprised and he barely arrived at the hospital in time to deliver our little girl...on St. Patrick's Day.

As you celebrate the 4th of July today, take a look at all the "Godincidences" in your life.  No matter how trivial you think your prayer requests are, your Creator is listening.  When He answers, make sure to give Him all the credit.  I thank Him for being with me every day these last fifty years and for inspiring me to write about all the good He is doing in my life every day.

Happy 4th of July...

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