Monday, July 12, 2010

There's Something About Mary

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, has been the source of many questions over the centuries.  In my denomination, a favorite trivia question I like to ask people has to do with the location of her burial site ('s a trick question).  We believe that because Mary is the Immaculate Conception (see Immaculate Conception), she was conceived free from original sin, that is, free from death and the aging process.  No death means no burial site.

At the direction of her Son, Jesus, Mary is able to appear to us to help point the way to Him.  When she appeared in Mexico, they called her "Our Lady of Guadalupe".  One translation of this is "one who crushes the snake".  The physical evidence of the "tilma" (outer garment used to carry the flowers to the local bishop) still exists hundreds of years later.  The material used to make a tilma is a cactus plant.  It's useful life is very short, however, this plant still shows a picture of Mary today.  There are no visible paint strokes in the picture.

There is something mysterious about Mary's eyes that was first observed by an opthomogist studying the image in the 1950's.  Click this link to learn more:  Mary's Eyes.

Regardless of your personal religious (or non-religious) views, it is interesting to take a look at Mary's purpose.  Ever since saying yes to becoming the Mother of God, she has been a great example for the rest of us.  Everything that she represents in her messages has to do with her Son, it is a simple one...follow her Son and do everything He asks.

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