Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Boomerang

Boomerangs are used as weapons or for sport.  The boomerang I am writing about today is the one I throw out daily with God's messages of love.  After nearly a year of daily writing, my boomerang came back to me in an unusual way.  Somehow, it connected with the Holy Spirit while it was flying through the air, all the way to Texas before returning to Ramona.

I was sitting next to my friend Pat, taking orders for the Treasure Box and he told me about one of my blog readers.  They met at a hospice meeting in San Diego and Pat told his new friend he was from Ramona.  "I know someone from Ramona", the lady from Texas said.  "I read his blog every day and it inspires me.  Do you know him?... he is the naked cave man".  Pat nodded affirmatively.  This is such a God thing.  He has a way of connecting all of us even when we are as far away as Texas.

What message do you have to throw out to the world today?  Will what you have to say give another hope?  Will your message someday return to you like a boomerang?  Even if your boomerang never returns to you in this world, you will see how it made the lives of others better when the Creator gives it back to you the day you meet Him in Heaven.  Go ahead...throw it!

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