Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inspiration from a young soccer player

Funny how each of us is connected to one another, even the ones we have never met in person.  For me, I am awe-struck at how a young boy living in another country can reach out and touch others simply by being himself.  I don't have permission to use his name, so I will give him a special nick-name today, Energizer.  I know his father and his aunts and uncles very well, however, my years of living in a cave in such a remote area have kept me from meeting this little "Energizer".  Some day soon, I will give him a hug and thank him for touching my heart.

Energizer is quite an amazing soccer player.  He loves to beat his dad.  This is incredible because I know what a talented athlete Energizer's father is.  Energizer never ever gives up, no matter how tough the odds.  I have a feeling that he is somehow connected to his mother who now lives in Heaven.  Every day when young Energizer is challenged for a soccer rematch by his daddy, his mother watches from above. She smiles as she watches her son score goal after goal.

Some days, when he kicks the ball, he feels a little bit of pain from the car accident, but that does not stop him from swiftly running around his dad and toward the goal.  There it is again, that trademark smile that I have seen from Energizer's daddy...he sets up to take another shot...GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!  Final score, Energizer,15...daddy,6.  The crowd is going crazy...

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Michael Mulligan said...

The video above is dedicated to Energizer and his daddy. When I watched it, I thought of them. Every day, they keep moving toward the finish line, no matter the pain that they have faced in their lives.