Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting in the Zone

So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you- Luke 11:9

We have all experienced moments where everything clicks.  Everything we touch is golden.  In sales, the customers all say yes.  In sports, the basketball finds the net every time, the tennis ball lands on the line, and the golf ball soars with pin-point accuracy.  No Mulligans are needed.  Everything goes right the first time.

How do you find this zone and how do you stay there once you have found it?  For me, it has been accomplished by filling the void that is inside my soul.  Emptiness comes from being disconnected.  It is like one wheel on your car being out of alignment, causing your vehicle to swerve or the steering wheel to vibrate.  When you are in the zone, it is like turning on the cruise control.  Everything appears effortless.

People can sense tension, it makes them uncomfortable to be around you.  They also sense peace, it attracts them to you and they don't even realize the reason why.  Daily prayer brings on that feeling of being "in the zone".  It takes patience and practice.

Some people say that their lives are too busy to add prayers.  I have found the opposite to be true.  Adding Prayer somehow streamlines our lives and creates free time.   Instead of scurrying to find the right people you need to see on a particular day, they somehow appear in front of you.  For example, I agreed to approach the other churches in my community to expand the Treasure Box.  This is time consuming.  In just one evening that started with a group prayer, I met one lady from the senior center (a target group I was preparing to approach), an associate pastor, and a couple of other writers from other denominations that will spread the word.  That is the God-zone and I feel like everything is clicking.  Why?  Because prayer gets you into alignment with His plans for you.  God wants you to hit the three point shot every time for His glory.

If you find yourself out of the zone, don't give up.  Seek Him and you will find the zone.  Through daily prayer, you will learn to hear His voice.  Try this the next time you are late for a meeting and you are in a traffic jam.  Pray for the person in the car ahead of you that just cut you off to have a Blessed day.  If the lights all start turning green and the traffic speeds up, you know who to thank.  Seek the God zone and you will find it.

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