Friday, July 30, 2010

The Volcano Erupts

By the time this post is published, my love will be back in her home-town on a one week vacation, she is apart from her man and her children.  This is a birthday present from one of her precious sisters...a chance to celebrate the 125th birthday of her mid-western hometown and see childhood friends.  I have found the people from this town of two hundred to be loving and genuine. This will be an awesome vacation for my wife and she can't wait to see her family.

The magma of interior thoughts is reaching the surface of this fifty year old volcano.  It is like the one that erupted recently in Iceland, pushing through the ice-cold glacier that hid it's true identity, revealing this author's reason for existence.  The lava spews into the stratosphere, finding it's way to the manuscript.  While my wife is away, I will observe the content of the lava and follow it's meandering course down the volcano.  Each eruption is a new chapter, inspired by the Spirit that burns inside my heart.

It is a busy week, one that includes a tennis double-header and an evening "July with Jim".  Three teenagers will be leaning on their dad for something fun to do and I also cannot forget about my day job.  The rest of this week away from my love will be dedicated to writing, writing, and more writing.  I must write while the spark is ignited, this week is like being in the perfect storm.  The energy is there, the time is available and the volcano is erupting.  I see the chapters in the it is time to shape them for you and transform the lava into words...

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