Friday, July 23, 2010

New Ramona Writer- Barbara McBride, Gives Preview from Her Book

Barbara McBride, A Ramona resident, is about to self-publish her first book.  She is a part of the Ramona Writer's Christian Critique Group.  You will be able to find her book on soon.  Here is an excerpt she gave our group for review.  I thank her for giving me permission to share it with my friends in the blog world...

God is Love
by Barbara McBride

God is love and love is God- a fact that some deny.
He holds us in His loving hands yet we wonder why?
When I look down at myself I see the stain of sin.
'Who am I that You should love me', my sad thoughts begin-
"Because I died to make you mine," the dear Lord does reply.
"You are covered in My blood so don't you worry why.
Rejoice always and be glad because I love you so
Remember, my little one, I will not let you go."


Thank you, Barbara, I look forward to reading your book when it is released.  I will post a link here for anyone wishing to pick up a copy once it is published (See family/friends link at top of blog for a link to get your copy).

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