Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why I Like Being a Dad

Fatherhood is more than a job for me -- it's a blessing.  I thank my Creator for giving me the opportunity to be their temporary custodian.  Perhaps my greatest challenge as a dad is to stay off the field when they are executing their own plays.  When they were younger, I coached each of their soccer teams and it was a thrill to be with them.  They are older now and the youngest will be celebrating his 18th birthday next summer.   I will never forget the day he came home beaming after being asked to give his high school football team a pep talk.  All three of our children give my wife and me pep talks when we are facing our own challenges in life.  They are filled with wisdom beyond their years.

Don't be surprised if you tune in to this blog in the near future and you see a guest blog from one of our children.  Each discovered their talent for writing at an early age, like many generations of writers in our family tree.  I will be cheering from the sidelines when one of my children publishes a guest post guaranteed to touch your heart.  My greatest reward is observing my children's transition from kicking soccer balls in the early years to helping others score at critical life-changing moments. 

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