Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Survive a Spiritual Attack

The greater your commitment to serving God, the more attention you will receive from the dark side.  The Evil One knows your weaknesses and He uses them against you to meddle with your life.  My life would be easier if I chose to avoid this subject.  I didn't sign up for easy; I signed up to follow Jesus.  There is one member of my family who survived an attack from the dark side so disgusting it almost ended in the loss of his life.  Living in the first quarter of his life, he is not fully prepared to battle an opponent who has been decimating Christians for generations.  This young warrior is about to show the world how to stand up to evil.  I applaud his efforts to share his own story so that others may avoid pain and suffering.  Look for my son's guest post in the near future.  Meanwhile, here are some ways to stand firm against evil:
  1. Do not be afraid.  The Evil One uses fear to force you to retreat.  Your own fear will prevent you from making choices you need to make to move forward.
  2. Understand you are never alone.  God is with you at all times, especially when you need Him the most.  I have seen this repeatedly in my own life.
  3. The Evil One must retreat when you invoke the name of Jesus.  Jesus will not let the Evil One defeat you.
  4. Learn how to make winning plays.  You are designed for one reason -- to serve God.  Nothing pleases Him more than delighting in your own life.  He will send you everything you need to make winning plays on the field of life.  Study the "Playbook" to learn how to do what God desires for you.  The "Playbook" describes exactly what happens to the enemy in the end times.  Remember at all times that your side is guaranteed a victory.
  5. Recruit others to play on God's team.  Everyone is invited.  There are no restrictions.  The Evil One does His best to trick people into believing they are ineligible.  This is a big lie.  The only one perfect on our team is Jesus.  Don't worry about your flaws or your past.  Don't judge anyone.  Just invite them to join God's team.
My favorite weapon against evil is prayer.  The greater the attack, the more I pray.  I recommend it as a daily habit.  Try it today.

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