Thursday, September 6, 2012

Turn Problems Into Paychecks

Everyone has problems in their lives.  Many simply complain about them and others get busy finding solutions.  I go one step further -- I welcome the challenges in front of me.  I hunt for them like Easter eggs.  The more problems I find and resolve, the happier my employer is.  Problems solved lead to job security and bigger paychecks.  They build stronger marriages and long-lasting friendships.  Follow these suggestions and you will improve your attitude about the problems you have in your life:
  1. Consider every problem in the workplace as an opportunity to improve your skills.  The better you get at making the problem go away, the better your odds for advancement.
  2. Treat your problems like vegetables.  Most avoid eating them but the hungry worker devours them.  You will be amazed how many job offers you will receive once others recognize your food preferences.
  3. Volunteer to do the dishes.  This is an important step in eliminating the problem.  Make sure the problem is put away for good.  Dirty dishes are reminders that the problem wasn't fully resolved.
  4. Be thankful for all the problems in your life.  Without them, you are not needed.  The easier your job is, the more competition you have and the fewer pay raises you will see.
  5. Identify all the problems with your family, your relationships and your job and get busy finding solutions.  Make your list immediately and promise yourself you will find solutions before you go to bed every night.

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